About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

USB Canada specializes in providing personalized USB keys and customized USB flash memory solutions for business needs as well as for promotional campaigns and branding campaigns. With access to advanced assembly of custom-built USB flash memory sticks, printing and laser engraving equipment we provide our customers with quality certified products :

* USB flash drives customized and branded with your company’s own logo
* 100% customized USB flash drives
* The latest USB innovations and styles using NAND flash memory functions
* Wholesale of USB flash memory, bulk NAND flash and PCBA/IC solutions

With its professionally managed global headquarters based in Montreal, Canada we are well positioned to cater to North American based corporations, government agencies as well as companies of all sizes from various industries.

With production facilities in both Hong Kong, China and Taipei, Taiwan we are very well suited to provide top notch technology and fashionable innovations at a very competitive rates. By choosing USB Canada, you are going with a team that is ready to offer you the very best of different worlds.

With in-house assembly of advanced technological products and access to a pool of qualified sub-suppliers and reliable partner manufacturers we guarantee our customers quality products to the most advantageous conditions. Driven by the spirit of true international globalization we facilitate for our clients a new concept of supply chain management where purchase starts directly within the source of production.

Our focus

To satisfy our business clientele with the largest and newest variety of quality customized USB flash drives at wholesale prices.

Located in the largest international hub and worldwide distribution center for USB flash drives we are the first to explore innovative new USB products, adopt new ideas and contribute to current market trends.

We are proud to share our experience with our customers.

Our Partners

We have built a strong network of respectable and reliable ISO 9001 certified manufacturers in the far east to empower our global distributors with a variety of USB products in many different formats. Our strategic partners include prominent domestic players in the areas of Advanced Technological Assembly, Molding & Casting, Printing & Packaging